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   Black metal rose from the fog like a dragon's clawed foot. The center steeple stretched impossibly high overhead, taller than any structure in Azeroth. Despite the snow constantly falling over the fortress, the metal was clean and only coated with ice. Some believed the ice added protection for the structure, a theory strengthened by every unsuccessful bombing.

   A priestess, an insignificant speck compared to the fortress, shuddered and wrapped her thin arms around herself. The thick cloth she wore during battle held off the low temperatures but could do nothing against the cold terror in her gut. She pulled uneasily at her mousy brown hair, combing away snowflakes. She bit her thin lips, her wide eyes glazing over, as her mind saw all the horrible things inside the fortress that they'd meet: walking corpses, breathing vampires, undead dragons and, worst of all, the one who controlled the puppets, the prince who betrayed his people and annihilated her hometown, the Lich King, Arthas Menethil.

   A thick leather cloak adorned with rich patterns eased over her shoulders. She hugged it close, breathing in its scent. Her eyes turned from the foreboding structure and found a night elf standing behind her. The concern in his white eyes shook the priestess from her shock. She forced an uneasy smile to lift his worry. His strong arms, thick and defined from centuries of firing a bow, encircled her and he held her close. The priestess slid her arms around his waist, resting her head on his chest as she peered over her shoulder at the fortress behind her.

   "It's almost over," she whispered. The elf, Jaybird Hawkwind, tightened his hold on his wife. Behind him, a white wolf edged into view. Rocky whined at the couple, his tail wagging dejectedly. The priestess smiled and gently patted his head. Not even her husband's loyal friend wanted to go in.

   "Saora," a deep, wizened voice interrupted the moment, "your friend is late."

   Saora pulled away from Jaybird and frowned at the venerable paladin in white armor, "You know she doesn't have a good sense of time, Guider."

   "We may have to begin without her, then."

   The priestess hesitated. The thought of storming the fortress without her longtime ally was an unnerving thought. They'd survived a lot together. However, Guider wasn't known for his patience. The paladin had seen more years than any other human alive and the military expertise to back it up. While he was compassionate and cared for those under his command greatly, Saora especially, he wasn't about to let an opportunity like this slip away, especially since he and Verita never really got along.

   A strong hand clasped her shoulder a bit too roughly, "I wouldn't worry, lass. She'd prob'ly mock us fer waitin' like we have."

   Saora beamed at one of the few fighters shorter than herself. Onyxe winked through his bushy black beard and patted her as gently as a dwarf paladin could. Armod, a stocky and bearded human warrior behind him, nodded in agreement as he inspected his swords. The dwarf paladin beside Onyxe, a cousin, although easily mistaken for his twin, scoffed and stuck his index fingers to the sides of his head like makeshift ears.

   "Fool!" he barked in a surprisingly high voice. "Why hath thee wait-eth? I were birthin' a litter of corehounds!"

   "Enough,” Guider interrupted. “Everyone is ready, Saora. We've waited long enough." The priestess sighed, brushing away her brown locks, and nodded. Guider raised his massive hammer overhead and hollered, his deep voice echoing in the fortress's snow covered courtyard. Dozens of war cries answered their leader as waves of fighters swarmed from their base camp and charged the gates of Icecrown Citadel.
The beginning of the sequel to Saora's Benediction

Characters, settings and storlyine based on Blizzard's World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King.

Here we go again...
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KennyGordon Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2014   General Artist
You do have a way with words. I'm sure I told you this before, but you're one of the best visual writers on the planet. Naturally, writers try to tell a story and get the words to guide the reader, but few can paint pictures with words. That's where the art comes in. 

You're.... something like a phenomenon. ;-)

ChildOfDumas Featured By Owner Edited Aug 6, 2014  Student Writer
Well, now you've gone and made me blush...

Thanks Kenny :iconbatglompplz:
Gina-Sadiren Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2014
You already know how I feel by my fangirl spazzing on Skype and Facebook XD so excited :hugs:
ChildOfDumas Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2014  Student Writer
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