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Saora's Benediction: Icecrown Citadel (11)
   “You are bleeding.”
   Saora turned to face Dhaja, “What?”
   “You are bleeding,” the draenei touched her own upper lip just below her nose. Saora mimicked the movement and lifted her fingers to her eyes. Sure enough, red gleamed on her fingertips.
   “Guess I used more power than I thought.”
   “You put enough strength in your shields to completely stop the magic of one of the most powerful creatures on Azeroth. It was beyond what most could handle.”
   “Not so sure about that.”
   “I am.”
   Saora scowled at the justicar, “Saurfang was just Arthas’ puppet, and he was weakened from making his hovering statue garden. You’re acting like I destroyed Frostmourne or something, and that is so not something I’m capable of. Trust me, I’m nothing special.”
   “Why do you not wis
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Saora's Benediction: Icecrown Citadel (10)
   The blood magic holding the Alliance and Horde armies overhead vanished. Bodies dropped to the stone floor, some still frozen but most thawed enough to catch themselves on their hands and feet. Groans and gasps echoed across the platform as the fighters struggled to collect themselves.
   Saora’s fingers quivered as the Light faded between them. Her legs buckled, and she would have collapsed if Jaybird had not caught her. She felt so weak, so very empty. The absence of the Light sometimes felt like that, so the priestess knew she would recover. Her trembling hand patted her husband’s arm, and he lowered her to the ground.
   Thick fur rubbed against her shoulder. She was so exhausted she couldn’t turn her head. It was the purr that told her what creature had touched her. Endymion pressed against her as he circled to her front, his massive head running along her arm. Purrs from deep in his chest vibrated across Saora’s skin and dr
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Saora's Benediction: Icecrown Citadel (9)
     The blunted arrow smacked against the ice and promptly exploded. The creature staggered out of what little remained of the ice trap, hissing in agony. It lunged at Shalvaris and a tentacle slapped the silver trap she’d planted.
     Fire burst from the floor, enveloping the blood beast. It screamed. It actually screamed. Stringy arms and legs flailed as it staggered across the floor toward the hunter. Its skin fell off in burning blobs of gel but it kept coming. A hiss grew to another scream. Shalvaris notched another arrow, this one shorter and thicker than the last one. She fired and the rounded tip buried itself in the creature’s skull with a crunch. The beast hesitated, its head weaving like a drunken dwarf. It wasn’t much of a hesitation, but it was enough.
     Jaybird’s arms tightened around Saora’s shoulders. His voice whispered against her ears. Darnassian, he was whispering in Darnassian. His skin
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Saora's Benediction: Icecrown Citadel (8)
     The closest creature swiveled its blood red head toward Saora and Jaybird. Its mouth dropped open and a low hissing sound bubbled out. Saora blinked at it, her breath caught in her chest. No eyes, the thing had no eyes at all. A tentacle shifted toward them.
     A blur of white fur slammed into it, tearing a chunk of the gel-like flesh from the creature. Jaybird’s white wolf companion, Rocky, spat out a mouthful of meat and charged again. The creature reared back, its hiss as loud as a scream. Tentacles batted at the wolf, keeping it at bay, and connected on a hind leg. A high pitched howl burst from his muzzle as blood dribbled over his gleaming fur. The red liquid pulsed and, in the corner of her eye, Saora saw the Deathbringer’s magic glow brighter.
     “Keep away from it!” she screamed. “Its attacks feed Saurfang!” Saora flung her hand at Rocky and the wounds closed. The wolf leapt away from the
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Saora's Benediction: Icecrown Citadel (7)
   “On me!” Celesi cried. She raised her mace, iron with a heavy end of pink crystals, and charged. As she drew close, the Deathbringer shifted. Celesi brought her white and gold shield up just in time to stop the orc’s axe from crushing her skull.
   Saurfang lifted his axe again, “BY THE MIGHT OF THE LICH KING!” The axe crashed down on Celesi’s shield. An ear-splitting crack echoed across the balcony and, for one horrifying moment, the paladin’s knees buckled.
   “Zapz!” she yelled. A small poof of smoke burst behind the orc.
   “On it, toots.” The gnome rogue leaped on Saurfang’s shoulder, “Hey, Drano, tickle tickle.” He plunged his dagger through the orc’s collarbone.
   Saurfang roared and grabbed at the tiny attacker. He only touched air. Zapz dropped to the floor, dancing away from the Deathbringer. Saurfang darted after him. In three short
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Saora's Benediction: Icecrown Citadel (6)
   Saora whirled to face Dhaja. The Draenei had already conjured a massive light spell in her hands. Even worse, several Zodiac mercenaries behind her edged closer, emboldened. If they attacked now...
   Dhaja's arm pulled back. She flung the orb of Light at Varosh, the ball bigger than the orc general's head. Without thinking, Saora threw herself in the magic's path. She whipped Benediction around her wrist, forming a golden shield with its spinning shaft. Dhaja’s orb folded into the blessed staff. Benediction gleamed brilliantly as it spun, fading to its dull shine as Saora whipped it to her back and held it steady. Her left hand extended to the Justicar, ready for a second attack.
   "Please," Saora said, terror pressing against her lungs, "please don't."
   Dhaja stared at her, jaw dropped. The mercenaries had similar expressions.
   "Don't you see?" Saora kept pleading, "This is what he wan
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Saora's Benediction: Icecrown Citadel (5)
   "Y'evah notice," Grifton yanked his sword from the rotting corpse he'd just impaled, "that ev'ry assignment we're given has someone that needs savin'?"
   "No one knew Fordragon were here," his cousin wiped his sweaty forehead.
   Armod grunted, the wound in his side closing with Saora's heal, "Or even alive. How'd he survive the plague? An’ the dragon's breath?"
   "Does it matter?" Dhaja towered over a few mercenaries, casually tossing them heals, "The Highlord is a great champion for Stormwind and the Light. It is our duty to assist him."
   Saora swallowed, careful to keep from drawing the draenei's attention. She'd always looked up to Bolivar Fordragon. She admired his quiet nobility and the guidance he'd given Stormwind's young prince. When King Varian disappeared, Bolivar became a voice behind the throne, his kingdom's safely always his first concern. Saora met him once when he gave her a mission to take back Stratholme
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Saora's Benediction: Icecrown Citadel (4)
   Tirion Fordring was an imposing figure. As tall as an elf and covered in gleaming gold armor, he stood out among the battle hardened mercenaries and soldiers surrounding his makeshift platform. To his right stood Varian Wrynn, king of Stormwind and the only human to become a champion as an orc's enslaved gladiator...and live to tell about it. The brutal fire in his ice blue eyes matched his crazed black hair and the terrible scar under his eyes and across the bridge of his nose. Tirion was a sharp contrast to the wild look of his king. Long, grayed hair swept gracefully away from his face, matching a neatly trimmed beard. His wide green eyes were stern and noble. One glance at the paladin and you knew he was a man of honor.
   "This is our final stand," he announced, his hands clasped behind his back. "What happens here will echo through the ages. Regardless of the outcome, they will know that we fought with honor. That we fought for the freedom and safety of our
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Saora's Benediction: Icecrown Citadel (3)
   As expected, King Wrynn was hardly thrilled to see the same mercenary band that refused to attack Thrall during a seige of Undercity. He flew into a rage when Kasino informed him that Zodiac would assist in leading the Citadel's assault whether he liked it or not. It was only Tirion and Guider that kept them from coming to blows, and even then just barely. Normally, Saora would have done her best to stop the fighting. However, deep down, she wished she had the nerve to stand up to the king like the mercenaries did. Zodiac and Guider's troops were focused on unseating Arthas and saving Azeroth. All Varian wanted was blood.
   Verita took the distraction as time to introduce Saora to most of the mercenaries with her. The priestess was a bit nervous, recalling just how many lives these people had taken. Many were polite, saying hello or cracking a joke to put her at ease. Some just tossed a smile or offered a handshake.
A small group made of a blonde, female human p
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Saora's Benediction: Icecrown Citadel (part 2)
   They made short work of the ghouls and skeletons waiting on the Citadel's steps. The death knight commanders were more trouble, one of them nearly lobbing several heads off with a single blow. But they were no match for the army, especially with Stormwind's support, and soon the Alliance controlled the entrance to the Citadel.
   Guider quickly set up a perimeter, blocking any wandering corpse from flanking them. The Ebon Blade death knights entered first, followed by the Argent Crusade's highest ranked members and the king of Stormwind himself. Saora busied herself with healing the wounded, careful to stay out of the king's eyeline. Fortunately, he was too busy strategizing with Tirion Fordring, paladin leader of the Argent Crusade, the dwarf king Muradin Bronzebeard, and a mysterious man calling himself the Ebon Watcher to notice the little priestess. She breathed a sigh of relief and caught the eye of Armod as he stuck his tongue out at the king's fading figur
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Saora's Benediction: Icecrown Citadel (part 1)
   Black metal rose from the fog like a dragon's clawed foot. The center steeple stretched impossibly high overhead, taller than any structure in Azeroth. Despite the snow constantly falling over the fortress, the metal was clean and only coated with ice. Some believed the ice added protection for the structure, a theory strengthened by every unsuccessful bombing.
   A priestess, an insignificant speck compared to the fortress, shuddered and wrapped her thin arms around herself. The thick cloth she wore during battle held off the low temperatures but could do nothing against the cold terror in her gut. She pulled uneasily at her mousy brown hair, combing away snowflakes. She bit her thin lips, her wide eyes glazing over, as her mind saw all the horrible things inside the fortress that they'd meet: walking corpses, breathing vampires, undead dragons and, worst of all, the one who controlled the puppets, the prince who betrayed his people and annihilated her hometown,
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Duelist Elsa by ChildOfDumas Duelist Elsa :iconchildofdumas:ChildOfDumas 2 0 Top 10 Favorite Comic Books (BATMAN STYLE) by ChildOfDumas Top 10 Favorite Comic Books (BATMAN STYLE) :iconchildofdumas:ChildOfDumas 0 2 Legion Mass Effect 2 by ChildOfDumas Legion Mass Effect 2 :iconchildofdumas:ChildOfDumas 2 0 My Writer Meme by ChildOfDumas My Writer Meme :iconchildofdumas:ChildOfDumas 0 0
Fall of Gnomer 6 - End
    "We were surprised at the silence of Gnomeregan durin' the Third War, High Tinker.  Had we known of the treachery underground, we would've sent aid."
    Magni Bronzebeard settled back in his massive stone throne, thick and calloused fingers stroking his long, red beard.  He could barely believe the story he heard, the invasion and annihilation of one of his strongest allies.  Still, he'd never seen so many gnomes in one place before.  Hundreds of them swarmed through his gates just a few hours ago.  The masses overpopulated Ironforge, their tiny bodies filling every possible housing space, but it was nowhere near the number believed to once fill Gnomeregan.  If the story was true, the last remnants of an entire race bleakly occupied his halls.
    Gelbin scowled, crossing his strong arms, "You wouldn't have sent aid, Magni.  Your war encompassed the entire p
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Some things happen in life that consume everything else. Sometimes it isn't even your life. You can do everything right, have everything in its proper place. Things can still happen. Because, no matter how hard you try, there are over seven billion other lives on this planet and every single one affects your existence. For the most part, you're ignorant to their influence, and get to go about your business with some amount of control. Then, there are the times those lives smack you right in the face. Everything crumbles. You fall. You bleed. And you never gave a reason for it to happen.

Bad things happen to good people, and bad people get what's coming to them. But what about the innocent bystanders. While Superman and Zod are duking it out in the skies overhead, what about the people who get buried in the buildings? When cops chase a suspect through the streets, what happens to the family whose building the suspect smashes into?

I didn't get buried by a building or my home destroyed by some stray car. I'm just an innocent bystander in someone else's movie.

It's taken two months for me to get to a place of sanity again. Well, my level of sanity. There are people I disappeared from, friends I stopped talking to, projects I abandoned. I have my excuses, my reasons, all that lovely nonsense. I still feel like a right schmuck.

It's taken the patience and gentle prodding of friends like Saora :icongina-sadiren: and Kenny :iconkennygordon: to return me to a place where I can create again. I owe them a lot. I was horrified when I realized I couldn't write. I'd sit and stare at a screen or even a pad of paper for hours and come up with nothing. Not even a sentence. I've had writer's block before but this...this was different. The events beyond my control had consumed me to a point I'd never found before, and one I hope to God I never find again. It was terrifying.

I owe Saora an apology for suddenly dropping off the face of the earth, abandoning her story, frightening her.

I owe Kenny a mountain of thanks for acting like my disappearance never happened and randomly handing me an opportunity to work within an amazing new universe I'd never seen before.

She reminded me that people care about me.

He reminded me that if I can still breathe I can still create.

Saora's Benediction: Icecrown Citadel will resume its Monday updates. By the time it has been completed, I hope another project has fallen into my lap. If not, I'll just have to create one.
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